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Greek Mythology origin Explained

19 Apr 2021 | Greek, History

We are always curious and looking for more, this is what makes us different.

Wandering over the internet trying to find more inspiration, we bumped into Alpha Omega, a Greek Youtube channel concerning ancient Greek history, mythology and archeology.

The videos are upload in Greek – what a beautiful language! – with English subtitles. You can either find narratives about the 300 of Sparta or the abduction of Persephone by Hades.

We enjoyed the videos and decided to share this joy with you. We would like to specifically highlight this one below where Alpha Omega explains the etymology of the word “mythology”, where it came from and why it is not the same as fantasy.

Everything is very well explained and easy to follow. Alpha Omega is one to watch! Relax and learn from those who invented the word and some of the most incredible and complex pantheons the world has ever seen.

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