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Sunna, the conductor

The Germanic peoples are within those who created a face, name and stories for the Sun, but for them the star was a goddess named Sunna. She was destined to ride across the skies until the end of time.

Greek Mythology origin Explained

We are always curious and looking for more, this is what makes us different. Wandering over the internet trying to find more inspiration, we bumped into Alpha Omega, a Greek Youtube channel concerning ancient Greek history, mythology and archeology. The videos are...

The Strength of King Arthur’s legend

Back in the 80’s, when I was born, I watched a movie that would change everything to me. There were knights, magic, prophecies and a legendary sword destined to be wield by the true king of the Brittons.

The mystery of Cernunnos, the forgotten god

Little is know about the Horned God Cernunnos, but if you search for Celtic gods, you will probably bump into his name and possibly find some visual references. In fact, none of them can give us much conclusion about his personality, function or appearance.

Odin, the one-eyed hanged man

What would you do to become the wisest creature in the universe? Have you ever wondered why Odin is missing one of his eyes? What Happened? A fight? A battle? Not at all.

The merged Pantheon of J.R.R. Tolkien

I’m pretty sure that, if you are into the Norse mythology, you’ve noticed some similarities between Gandalf and the all father, Odin. Yes, Gandalf was inspired by the king of the Norse gods.

The Pillars of Heracles

Perhaps Hercules greatest act – and our favorite – is when King Eurystheus sent the hero to the unknown to retrieve the Cattle of Geryon, far beyond the west. By that time, that was a scary thought, but somehow defined the Greeks as great the explorers they came to be.

The Punishment of Prometheus

A Titan fighting side by side with the Olympian gods and whose deeds would mark the beginning of human technological advance. Even that would not prevent him from suffering one of the worst punishments Zeus has ever given to anyone.

The birth of Athena

Athena is one of the most celebrated deities in the western world, she was strong, intelligent, resourceful and mostly fair. Her conception was unusual and she played a fierce and ruthless role during the Trojan war.

In Love with a Princess: The Tale of Europa

She was a princess so beautiful that even the king of Olympus couldn’t resist. This is the tale and the love story of Europa.

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