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We absolutely love mythology! Within the stories about gods, creatures, heroes and tragedies we can trace ourselves and the very nature of the human being. In the ancient times, they used to lead the peoples, teaching them how to behave and – above all – to respect the gods. Driven by all these legends and myths and hidden knowledge spread throughout history, we’ve created our clothing brand.

Here you will find stories that you can wear. We create our clothes for those who love to be adventurous, finding hidden gems wherever they go and connect with the surroundings. Every day you get to reinvent yourself and start a different story, let us join you in that journey.

We’ve found our mission so that you can find your way.
Be curious. Be inspired. Find Your Quest!

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Romulus & Remus | The Violent birth of Rome

Romulus & Remus | The Violent birth of Rome

“To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions.” wrote Emperor Marcus Aurelius. This is how I look into ancient Roman civilization. The heart of the Roman conquest machine lies under an effective violence and the quest for the glorification of Rome itself and it all started with its legendary foundation.

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The Punishment of Prometheus

The Punishment of Prometheus

A Titan fighting side by side with the Olympian gods and whose deeds would mark the beginning of human technological advance. Even that would not prevent him from suffering one of the worst punishments Zeus has ever given to anyone.

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The birth of Athena

The birth of Athena

Athena is one of the most celebrated deities in the western world, she was strong, intelligent, resourceful and mostly fair. Her conception was unusual and she played a fierce and ruthless role during the Trojan war.

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