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Grímnir, Father of All | Rolled sleeve Unisex

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Grímnir, Wodan, Wotan, One-eyed God and Allfather are some of the names the ancient peoples used to call Odin, norse mythology king of the gods.

It is said that Odin craved for wisdom, more than anything else in the universe and searched throughout all the 9 worlds for ways to become wiser. Keeping his mind set on his quest, the Allfather went to the roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil looking for Mímir’s Well and sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for a sip of its water, obtaining cosmic knowledge.

In another passage, he hanged himself in one of the branches of the world-tree, sacrificing his own life in order to receive the knowledge of the runes. After 9 days, Odin was reborn, wiser than ever.

Taking in consideration Grímnir’s thirst for understanding the mysteries of the universe, we reinterpreted his new appearance in the first half of the 21st century.


Rolled Sleeve | Screen Printed | Jersey 155g | 100% Combed Organic Cotton

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