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Minerva the Untamed | Set-in sleeve Unisex

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Minerva (as her Greek counterpart, Athena) is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic defensive warfare, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.

Minerva is tall, athletic and well-built, always wearing an armour with the depiction of Medusa’s head and the owl as her sacred symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Have you ever asked yourself how she would look in our time? We do see her as a CEO of a massive multinational company, powerful and influential, ready to go into battle with her enemies. She still wears her armour whenever she needs to take action, protecting us all and striking fear in the enemy’s heart.


Set-in Sleeve | Screen Printed | Single Jersey 180g | 100% Organic Ring-Spun Combed Cotton

Taking care of your garment

Wash inside out with cold water, using a gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent. Click here for more details.

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